As mentioned previously, there are some mighty big names in the world of CS:GO trading. Take a look at SAGA's backpack, for example - with over 100 rare weapons, many of which are worth in the hundreds, the total value is mind-boggling.

Through many weeks of hunting, I managed to track down a cs go community market trader who, somewhat appropriately, goes by the name of DonSelf. The Don was one of the first and most prominent gunrunners of Global Offensive, and a well-known name among past and current traders.

Although he's now semi-retired, DonSelf has well and truly seen everything that CS:GO weapons trading can accomplish. His backpack is filled to the brim with keys, rare Factory New weapons, and knives with the most glorious shades of the rainbow.

In total his backpack is worth around $10,000, nearly all profit (he's managed to cash out as much as he's put in), and he even owns a weapon -- a StatTrack AK Fire Serpent Factory New -- which is one-of-a-kind, and therefore potentially worth anything to the right buyer.

It is highly likely that you will have been told to keep all personal information as safe as possible at some point or other in life, so it may seem common knowledge; however, it is definitely worth repeating. Simply refreshing your mind on the subject and double checking who you are talking to and what you are talking about is a good start. Knowing information, both obscure and obvious can be an easy way for things to go wrong, even revealing a tiny bit about your personal life in response to a strangers question can be enough for some people to work with.

Of course this is not to say that you should be completely paranoid or unsociable at all times. Ultimately it is up to you to decide who you trust, but telling the person that added you just five minutes ago your life story and mother’s maiden name might not be the best of moves.

Starting Dec 9, anyone losing items in a trade will need to have a Steam Guard Mobile Authenticator enabled on their account for at least 7 days and must not have turned off trade confirmations. Otherwise, to protect against unauthorized trades, items will be held by Steam for up to 3 days before delivery.

If you do not set up Steam Guard Mobile, you will have trouble depositing and withdrawing items on CS:GO Jackpot. Please follow the instructions from Steam and avoid trading problems!